SaaS Web & Email Security with Archiving (1 Yr)

Non-Stop Security + Email Storage

SaaS Web & Email Security with Archiving (1 Yr)

Nonstop security and compliance for your most critical applications. This cloud-based security suite combines multiple services into a single, convenient web and email subscription solution offering a year of retention for emails.
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  • As users rely more heavily on web and email, it’s essential to keep malware and spam away from your network. We make it simple and affordable to let the cloud lift the burdens of web and email filtering and email retention and continuity.


    McAfee SaaS Web and Email Security with Archiving combines multiple critical services into a single, convenient subscription. It allows you (and your users) to get the information and communication you depend on, even if your servers go offline.


    Maintained by security experts, our service protects your company against more than 99% of spam and other threats and lets you manage Internet access. We also transparently archive email to ensure emergency access as well as compliance with retention rules.


    This solution offers one year of retention for emails. For the option to have up to 10 years, view SaaS Web & Email Security with Archiving, Multi Year Retention.

  • Anti-Spam


    Intercepts more than 99% of spam, viruses, and phishing attacks. Suspicious emails are quarantined to prevent evolving email threats from affecting your network and users.

    Viruses. Trojans. Spyware. Adware. We stop them all. Our technology automatically detects and blocks malware, even unknown threats, in real time, before it reaches your desktop and servers.

    Graymail Filters

    Email Archiving

    Removes unwanted email that a user once signed up for but is now no longer wanted.  (i.e. newsletters, marketing material, ads.)

    Backs-up, protects and indexes the data contained in email messages so you can access and search your email at a later date.This solution offers up to 10 years of a rolling retention for emails.

    Web Filtering

    Click Protect

    Sophisticated web technologies analyze the nature, intent, and behavior of a web page's active content. Proactively protects your entire network (even roaming users) against unknown malware, and fast-changing cyber attacks. It's continuously updated through the cloud, so your protection will never go outdated.

    Protects users from any changes in website reputation. Using McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) network, it eliminates phishing and malware threats embedded within URLs in email message. It checks for changes between the time the message is scanned and again when the user clicks to ensure reputation.

    Email Continuity

    Site Blocking

    Guaranteed access to your email, even during server outages or disasters.

    Block websites that contain malicious or unwanted content such as phishing sites or online gambling.

    Attachment Filtering


    Filter and block attachments based on configurable settings such as file size and file type to keep threats from entering your network.

    Neutralizes spyware before it takes root and spreads. Blocks, detects and removes malicious software that covertly collects information or displays unwanted advertisements.

    URL Filtering

    Web Application Control

    Control access to any category of website based on company policy.

    Enables in-depth control over web applications and their individual features, such as social media or file sharing sites.

    Web Traffic Scanning

    Mobile Protection

    Inspects encrypted SSL/ HTTPS web traffic for malicious threats and policy violations.

    Protect users from falling susceptible to phishing attacks while emailing from a mobile device.

  • Simplified Management

    The cloud-based management console allows you to manage your security from any Internet-connected. Create customizable dashboards, schedule reports or run virus scans with a click of a button. Provides centralized installation, configuration, reporting and updates.

    Global Threat Intelligence

    Real-time, cloud-based threat intelligence services. Protects against new and emerging threats for all vectors – file, web, email, and network. GTI provides the most comprehensive protection, protecting your organization instantly and often predictive, before a threat reaches your organization.

    Always Connected

    McAfee makes your email is always available, even if your network is inaccessible or down. This solution keeps your employees, customers, partners, and suppliers connected 24/7.

    Single Security Solution

    Instead of purchasing multiple standalone protections, McAfee has bundled these critical services into a single, convenient, cloud based solution.

    Start Instantly

    Users are protected all the time, even when they are off the network against fast-changing and zero-day malware, spyware, and phishing.

  • McAfee SaaS Web and Email Security with Archiving has no system requirements because it is an online service.

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